Our history

In the face of climate change, which is the major challenge today and for the next few decades in the world, RE is developing considerably, even if there is still a long way to go…

While the demand for energy and electricity will continue to grow significantly in the coming years (+80% by 2040), nuclear energy and intermittent renewable energy will not be enough.

At TLS Geothermics, we are therefore convinced that geothermal energy is the complementary solution that needs to be massively developed today.

It is in this context that Mathieu Auxiètre (10 years of experience in the banking sector) and Jean-Luc Auxiètre (40 years of experience in oil exploration at Total) decided to create TLS Geothermics in 2012.

Since the creation, TLS Geothermics has continued to grow, on the one hand by integrating new geologists to increase expertise and improve understanding of geothermal subsoils and fluids, and on the other hand by developing new innovative technologies and adopting a fresh approach.

Based on these three pillars, human, technological and methodological, TLS Geothermics is growing and developing through projects in France, but also overseas and internationally.