TLS is dedicated to uncovering hidden geothermal systems using our proprietary, geoscience-driven machine learning tools. From the dawn of time, humanity has harnessed the power of fire; geothermal energy is a natural and profound advancement of this technological journey.

Since our founding in 2012, we have remained committed to our goal: discovering abundant, concealed hydrothermal resources. Resources we not only uncover but also manage throughout development and operations, ensuring sustained clean energy production for decades.

Our team’s DNA is woven from a rich tapestry of expertise that spans resource exploration, academia, geoscience technology, and project development, equipping us with robust adaptability for the clean energy future. Together, we are committed to facilitating the energy transition, benefiting our stakeholders and the planet.


Startup year
in France


Exploration Licenses in France
(Mainland & Martinique)


km² in exploration
in France


Exploration Licenses
pending in France


MWe potential
in France


Projects in the USA


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the USA (Nevada)


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in the USA


MWe potential
in the USA


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TLS is driven by strong values that prioritize climate protection, environmental management, and community well-being. We recognize geothermal energy as a key component in transitioning to a clean energy system. We will significantly reduce the cost of geothermal energy by increasing drilling success rates, accelerating development, and enhancing the resilience of energy systems.


Pioneering innovative geoscience concepts and developing competitive geothermal systems that provide sustainable, low-carbon baseload energy.

Cultivating a holistic approach to long-term environmental balance.


Creativity : internal R&D and financial innovation

Boldness : pioneers of advanced concepts

Innovation : internally developed ML/AI

Partnerships : communities, scientists, industries


Geothermal potential, geological concepts
Collaborative R&D


Subsurface exploration and wells targetting
Technical feasibility and Assessment


From subsurface to commissioning
of geothermal facilities
Operation Monitoring

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