TLS Geothermics develops innovative digital tools based on passive measurements (non-impacting for the environment) and allowing to image the underground to increase the chances of success of drilling.
Among these tools, 3GCUBE is a set of software solutions combining geological, geochemical and geophysical knowledge.

Here, a discrete structural model (left) and an electrical resistivity model derived from magnetotelluric measurements (right), two completely independent models.
In the center, the coupling between the density model (interpolated by three different methods) from the joint inversion (JIPASS3D) and gravity measurements with the density model from the geological model coupled with a thermodynamic quantification of the rock density allows to evaluate a porosity model.

Other models are possible, for example by integrating smectites and/or fluid salinity and adding magnetotelluric data and S-wave velocity (from joint inversion and thermodynamics) as constraints!

The goal of this work is to increase the probability of obtaining a productive borehole towards 100, currently around 70%!