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“TLS Tech Talks” Podcast Ep. #1.1

Secrets of a Next-Gen Geothermal Exploration Company Mathieu Bellanger - Head of R&D at TLS since 2014 Is there anywhere on Earth that hasn't been touched by humans? Tune in to "TLS Tech Talks" for behind-the-scenes access…
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“Profound People” Interview Series EP 1

“Insights from geothermal superheroes” Celebrating successes, reflecting on challenges, and uncovering massive opportunities in-between the crustal fault lines.

🌍✨ 2X Geothermal Portfolio Growth in Nevada ✨🌍

✨🌍The expansion of our Geothermal project portfolio with the launch of two new geothermal energy leases in Nevada!🌍✨
Nevada April 23julesg