The projects developed by TLS Geothermics are part of an open approach towards the concerned stakeholders: operators, investors, local communities, associations, research centers and national scientific institutes, administrative authorities, industrial partners and financiers.

TLS Geothermics puts innovation at the center of its approach. A project requires the implementation of an adapted exploration program, often requiring research and development work (geosciences) to acquire new knowledge and to optimize the costs of the methods.

The economic models proposed by TLS Geothermics allow a certain flexibility in the assembly of the projects for our customers, investors, and with our project partners according to their objectives.

Deep geothermal energy is a local energy, its promotion and development must be done in a transparent way, especially from a technical point of view, and with the acceptance of local authorities and communities. This energy brings to the territories a security of the network for the supply of electricity, new uses for heat, and the creation of local wealth (tax revenues).

Global and innovative approach

+ Integration of new geological concepts
+ Research & Development
+ Implementation of innovative geoscience technologies
+ Evaluation and reduction of exploration risks, cost optimization
+ Valuing the experience acquired for our clients and investors
+ Flexible economic and financial approach


The implementation of a deep geothermal project requires appropriate project management and means to achieve the objectives.
We implement an organization by phase and milestone to accompany or realize the projects.
This project management optimizes the planning of resources, determines the risks, establishes the budgets and deadlines, manages the unforeseen, while controlling the cost of risk.

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Communication is a key success factor essential to the success of a project. For our deep geothermal projects, we are committed to using modern means of communication to support change and allow everyone to see where we stand with respect to our actions.