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July 2022: TLS Geothermics begins a new stage in its development by raising €13.3 million from Noria and ADEME Investment groups

TLS Geothermics is a developer specializing in the exploration of high-temperature deep geothermal deposits for all types of applications (electricity, heat, cold, metal recovery including lithium, etc.). The TLS Geothermics project is anchored around an innovative approach for the exploration of geothermal systems by focusing on sites with geothermal potential without surface manifestation in so-called crustal fault zones.
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Mathieu AUXIETRE, Founder of TLS, declares : “Our team is very happy and proud to be supported by Noria and Ademe Investissement. This strong partnership will allow TLS Geothermics to change dimension, to develop more projects quickly and in different geographical areas. Our ambition is clearly to become an international leader in the exploration and discovery of new deposits, and to follow through as operators of power producing facilities. It is also notable to recognize the work carried out by our team and our partners over the past 10 years in terms of prospecting and R&D in geology, geophysics and geochemistry.

Christophe GUILLAUME, President at Noria, declares : “We were convinced of the pioneering and innovative nature of this exploratory approach applied to geothermal energy by Jean-Luc and Mathieu Auxiètre, father and son. The TLS Geothermics team was able to identify a new way of developing electrogenic geothermal energy, particularly relevant for baseload electricity production. Noria is delighted to participate in the financing of TLS Geothermics, alongside Ademe Investments, to reveal and exploit these still unexplored geothermal potentials.”

Karine MÉRÈRE, CEO at ADEME Investment, declares : “Deep geothermal energy is a non-intermittent renewable energy, a source of energy independence and can contribute to the decarbonization and stability of the French energy mix. In the medium term, it also offers prospects for the extraction of strategic metals. We are therefore happy to contribute to this fundraising and to support TLS in the deployment of its innovative approach to geothermal potential.”

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