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Geothermal potential & Geological concepts

Pre-feasibility study

Technical and financial analysis of a project

Project management

Implementation of geothermal power plant

Who are we?

TLS Geothermics is an expert in geosciences and develops deep geothermal projects for electricity and heat production.

Coming from the world of oil exploration and academia in which we have accumulated more than 40 years of experience, our complementary team has a network of contacts in the geosciences and project financing.

As an engineering and R&D office in geosciences, we conduct exploration projects with an innovative approach to deep geothermal energy. We lead these projects from the idea to the exploitation of the sites, alone or in partnership.

We are also interested in the minerals and metals of interest present in the geothermal fluids exploited, such as lithium. We then propose our skills and integrated exploration solutions.

Our mission is to develop innovative concepts in geosciences and to develop geothermal power plants implanted in an exemplary way in the territories to accompany their energy transition.

Several areas of technological research are advocated: imaging of deep geothermal systems and reservoirs using passive geophysical acquisition techniques and imaging techniques while drilling, the study of geological processes and their numerical modeling in 3D statically and dynamically, the analysis of heat production mechanisms, but also in the fields of drilling techniques or fluid pumping.

Geothermal energy is a primary energy. Exploited in a closed circuit on the surface, it will produce clean, low-carbon energy for a long time.

Design Office – Explorer and Developer

Our expertise and knowledge in the construction of geothermal power plants to produce electricity or heat allows us to accompany you throughout your project.

Our vision

Our market is the energy market, where global demand will increase by 30 to 40% by 2040, and by 80% for electricity demand. Climate change is real. Despite a huge shift towards renewable energies, there is still a long way to go.
Intermittent renewable energies and nuclear power alone will not meet this need.
Deep geothermal energy offers the solution.

Our mission

To develop innovative geoscience concepts and propose competitive geothermal power plants to the energy markets to take advantage of the many benefits geothermal energy offers:

Non-intermittent, renewable, zero-carbon energy, low environmental impact, and long-term facilities.

Our values

+ Innovation and R&D

+ Partnerships: Industries – Sciences

+ Audacity: Opening up to “frontier” concepts, technological challenge, financial challenge

A differentiating offer through our concepts, a new approach that places the concept upstream and innovative digital tools developed in-house based on deep learning.


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What we can do for you

Upstream studies

Geological concepts & Geothermal potential

Conceptual study and potential study of a region, a specific sector or a local authority.

Technical, economic and financial pre-feasibility study of a deep geothermal power plant project.

With a higher level of detail thanks to the compilation of existing data and the acquisition of new data in the field (geological, geophysical, geochemical data), we study with an integrated and multi-scale approach a deposit concept, its potential, and the needs for possible additional acquisitions.

A geoscientific, economic and financial synthesis is carried out, and a drilling exploration program is developed (possibly complementary geophysics, then drilling)

This study allows us to measure the real risks and benefits of such a project and thus to position ourselves on the next steps of the project.


Pre-feasibility study

Technical and financial analysis of a project

Project management

Implementation of exploration and geothermal power plant and/or heat

As project manager or project supervisor, we carry out the implementation and monitoring of drilling, as well as the construction of deep geothermal power plants with our partners and suppliers:

  • Geosciences expertise, exploration, drilling and testing
  • Analysis, cost validation and choice of partners and suppliers
  • Monitoring of construction sites, management of risks, deadlines and constraints
  • Research and formatting of energy purchase contracts
  • Control of environmental and social issues of projects
  • Administrative follow-up of projects
  • Search for financiers and investors


Complementary areas of expertise


Research and structuring of financing.

Securing the financing of the studies and overall financial structuring of the power plant and drilling project.

Instruction of aid applications, search for equity investors, search for bank financing.


We bring our expertise to project owners.

Ideas and selection of new exploration targets, technical due diligence, geosciences, engineering

complementary modeling, R&D project evaluation.


TLS Geothermics develops and invests in its projects alone and in partnership. Today, a number of projects are being explored and developed.

We are also open to third party projects.


Application file for mining titles.

Preparation of the complete application file for an Exclusive Research Permit or Concession. Follow-up of the instruction of the requests as regards high temperature geothermal energy (Mining Code).

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