💡 We were recently telling you about our ongoing project in Puy de Dôme (Geopulse project), where civil works will start this fall for a commissioning in 2025/2026, but did you know that a similar project already exists close to home?

👉🏻 More precisely, in Germany, in the town of Insheim.

Next to this town of more than 2100 inhabitants, 2 wells with a depth of 3500m were drilled in 2008 to exploit the geothermal waters of the underground.

These, with a temperature of 165°c and a flow rate of 80l/s allowed the development of a power plant with a power of 4.8MW, that is to say the power needed for more than 8000 households!

✔️ This beautiful project is an example to follow, and that is what TLS Geothermics is about to do in the Massif Central with its project that will produce 2x6MW.

Deep geothermal energy, a renewable and non-intermittent energy!