Detecting, quantifying and qualifying the geothermal resource is one of our missions at TLS GEOTHERMICS.
To help us do this, Bastien Hermant, an engineer-geologist with a degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie, joined us in 2017 and contributes to the development of various high-performance digital tools.

Among them, we rely more and more on artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.
This approach allows computers to “learn” from data and improve their performance as they learn.
These algorithms are now widely used in our daily lives but remain relatively unexploited in geothermal exploration.
We are therefore working on the development of new artificial intelligence tools for geoscientific uses. Once created and optimized, these tools will continue to learn autonomously with each new data.
They will be an important technological brick for the exploration of geothermal systems and will eventually allow to determine the most favorable areas for the development of geothermal power plants for the production of electricity, heat and/or cold but also the extraction of critical and strategic minerals.