📣 TLS GEOTHERMICS is pleased to announce that it has obtained the authorization to carry out 2 doublets of drilling at 3600m to search for high temperature geothermal deposits (>150°c), in the commune of Saint-Pierre-Roche in the Massif Central (Auvergne – France).

✅ This work, which should begin in 2022/2023, is being carried out as part of the Geopulse project, in partnership with STORENGY, and will enable the development of a power plant with a capacity of 6MW (1 doublet) to 12MW (2 doublets), enough power to meet the electricity needs of more than 20,000 households as of 2025.

🎯 This project also aims to demonstrate the interest of crustal fault zones for the production of renewable and non-intermittent electricity!

🙏 Thanks to all those who have supported us since the beginning of this adventure.