Digital softwares & tools are fundamental for geological exploration! ⛏
They make it possible to represent natural objects 🗻, quantify physical (or chemical) processes 🧲, quantify uncertainties 📈!

Numerical tools in geosciences are at the heart of TLS GEOTHERMICS’ activities. It is therefore with great pleasure that our team participated in the #NGO (Digital Tools for Geosciences) workshop organized by Terinov Geosciences on November 10!

Thanks to AD’OCC, Terinov Geosciences and the #CEMD for the welcome and the organization, and thanks to the presenters #ArianeLogix, SLB, Celsius Energy, Geode-solutions, Tessael, YouWol, Mimetics, #int, BRGM,
#GEOSCIENCES_MONTPELLIER, the RING Team for the exciting discussions that followed!

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#deepgeothermal #geothermal